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Contact us today to discuss personalized SAT prep with a local Center Director who understands the current school and testing environment in your area. Now more than ever, students are facing unique situations — we’re here to help you navigate your best path forward to admission at your dream college.
Here's What Others Are Saying About Our Award-Winning SAT/ACT Prep GUARENTEED TO INCREASE YOUR STUDENTS SCORES!

"Can't thank SAT Prep Academy enough!"

My son was testing at 1100 levels before we took him into the program, but after their 12 week course, he got one of the best scores in his school, a 1510! I couldn't be happier and it was a well worth investment!


Amazing staff, very professional.  My daughters found the courses very useful and made a real bond with the tutor.  Whenever she had a question, the team at SAT Prep Academy was very understanding.

"It's So Simple.. Anyone Can Do This!"

Wonderful program for any age, not just high schoolers!  My two sons are 3 years apart (7th grade and 10th grade) and I sent them both through the program.  My younger son is now way ahead of the game and understands concepts many years ahead of his peers.

"Scores up 400 points in 12 weeks!"

When covid first struck, I was very worried my children would lose a lot of opportunities for learning because they had to stay home.  Luckily, I found the professional staff at The SAT Prep.  My children got 1 on 1 training with an expert in the field and increased their scores over 400 points after just 12 weeks.  Thank you to the staff at The SAT Prep. 

"Exactly what I was looking for."

Excellent program for increasing ACT/SAT test scores.  I've always cared about my children's educational success because I know how much I needed my parents to do that for me.  This was one of my best moves, and we are applying for Ivy league schools as we speak!

"Solid program, helpful staff."

Very competitive pricing, for the value that is offered.  College is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I needed to make sure my sons had the best training and preparation.  SAT Prep Academy was nothing short of spectacular.  
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